We wish to introduce ourselves as leading engineering product provider in the field of MEP. We have been providing excellent service to various clients all over India. We Commit to provide quality product and service as reflected in our every endeavor be it Electrical, Mechanical or Plumbing disciplines, involving industrial, commercial, or Specialized MEP projects. We deal with the leading international brands in following Field: 1. Mechanical Products, 2. Electrical Products.

Alpha Star Trading (Pvt) limited had started its operations during end of 2006 with registered office in Chennai. We have been consistently providing best service to the customer. We have associated offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi.


HONEYWELL / SIEMENS Make 2/3 - Way Valves, Actuators, Motorized Butterfly Valves, BTU Meter, Thermostat, Sensors, Controller & VAV, MK Switches,

STULZ Make Precision Air Conditioner,

YORK Make Ductable Units, FCU, Rooftop units,


GPL Make Wire Hanger System,

KIRLOSKAR Make Fire Pumps,

ALPHA Makes Sandwich Ducts & Flexible Ducts, Canvas Duct Connector and Sealant.

HONEYWELL / SIEMENS (BMS Products) : 2/3 - Way Valves, Actuators, Motorized Butterfly Valves, BTU Meter, Thermostat, Sensors, Controller & VAV Boxes with controller, PRV, CO Sensors, CO2 Sensors, RH-Sensors etc,

Stulz: Precision Air Conditioner ( PAC Units )

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd: Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a global fluid management solutions provider and the largest manufacturer and exporter of centrifugal pumps and valves from India. We deal with products related to the following application: HVAC, Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic Systems, Fire Fighting requirements of Infrastructure, constructions, residential buildings, multiplexes, housing boards, shopping malls etc.

GPL Hanger Systems: is metallic wire hangers used for suspending mechanical & electrical services, HVAC services, Cold room panels, Seismic bracing and other suspended services. This can be used as an alternate to threaded rods.

THERMOSHIELD is a flexible, light weight and fire retardant non dripping insulation material made from chemically cross linked closed cell polyethylene. The special cross linking and closed cell structure provides insulating structure provides insulating properties superior to conventional open / partial insulation materials.

Alpha Flexible ducts: we have insulated / un-insulated flexible ducts of complete RangeAlpha flexible duct connectors for making mouth connection between ducts and FCU / AHU / PU., Duro Dyne Stuck up Pin for Acoustic Insulation.